Exhibit the finest features of your chiselled frame with a palatial logo tee. Plush and opulent, the fabric used is breathable and gratifying, and grants a sculpted look for your team.


We take a lot of pride in everything that we do, and we fully understand that a lot of tees available from most brands can feel scratchy and lose their shape and colour after a only a few washes. This is why our expert textilist crafts these by hand from a single sheet of silky fabric upwards. She measures and cuts the fabric, hand-stitches and dyes the material, washes, re-dyes, and washes again.


Why all of that?

First and foremost, lifespan. Being pre-shrunk and twice-dyed, the colour and fit is permanent. The materials don't become uncomfortable, nor do the dyes fade. Even the toughest axe-thrower with a twelve-foot beard loves a supple and velvety fabric to reside into with the company of a hot chocolate. Extra marshmallows and sprinkles with this tee!


  • Care and maintenance

    • Soft Ash Grey fashion Jersey
    • Tailored to order
    • Generous stretch that returns to shape
    • Freedom of movement
    • Slim fit
    • Minimal creasing
    • Machine washable at 30c
    • Tumble dry on a low heat if necessary


VAT Included