Six-core Alien

Six-core Alien

"Smoooth" - Barry White.


Are Six-core Aliens any good? How do they compare to our "standard" Tri-cores?


Well, by transferring the unused vertical mass to lateral surface area, these offer a greater area of contact with your wicks with less wasted material. Think of it as an LMP car's tire; they're low-profile and wide so they're able to make full use of the engine's power. Thin and tall tires are for caravanists. That's what we found Quad-28 Aliens to be; caravans.


An inherent characteristic of Six-core Aliens is their undeniably smooth draw. Sure, you get instant, dominating performance, plumes of vapour and impeccable flavour, but their most impressive feature is how buttery-soft their draw is. It's like driving a Caterham with tyres of silk on a marshmallow road in the North Yorkshire Moors.


These are like nothing you've vaped before - with only four wraps, Six-core promises a warm, flavourful, smooth vape and they're undeniably easy to maintain.


0.11 Ohms dual. Remarkable at 60-130 watts on regulated devices, and excellent on single-cell and parallel mechanical devices. Do not strain your cells.

  • Care and maintenance for sub-Ohm crafts

    Please note that these may have a lower pre-fire resistanace. Always use a regulated device that can fire below 0.1 Ohms, pulse and dry-burn at no more than 25-30 watts, and never glow hotter than the red-orange colour. If you're kind to them they'll keep going and going!

    Clean with hot, running water. Unscented soap can be used if washed off thoroughly afterwards. Use one of our retractable brass brushes to remove stubborn particulates of gunk without damaging the craft.

VAT Included