*Crafted to order. Please allow a few extra days as these require a lot of time and materials to craft.*


These are gargantuan mammoths. Giants of ice striking their spears to shatter a crystalline realm.

With the added benefit of the legions of infinitesimal pockets to ensure perpetual wicking and unsurpassable organic vapour production, these offer a crackle like no other. They're accomplished and expeditious in performance and power delivery. In other terms - the best vape ever.

SFCs combine the best features of every build that we offer; seemingly boundless surface area, minimal mass, easy install and maintenance, and compelling lifespan.


All variants provide impeccable performance on regulated, single-cell or parallel mechanical devices. Do not strain your cells.

Tri-core; 0.14 Ohms dual. Great between 55-130 watts.

Quad-core; 0.10 Ohms dual. Great between 70-140 watts.

Five-core; 0.10 Ohms dual. Great between 80-160 watts.


  • Care and maintenance for sub-Ohm crafts

    Please note that these may have a lower pre-fire resistanace. Always use a regulated device that can fire below 0.1 Ohms, pulse and dry-burn at no more than 25-30 watts, and never glow hotter than the red-orange colour. If you're kind to them they'll keep going and going!

    Clean with hot, running water. Unscented soap can be used if washed off thoroughly afterwards. Use one of our retractable brass brushes to remove stubborn particulates of gunk without damaging the craft.

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