Series Alien

Series Alien

Our Series Aliens were a long time in the making. 26 and 28 gauge core wires meant that you had to add a truly insane amount of wraps, leading to a lot of mass in each coil, thus rendering the ramp up time too slow and causing a lot of heat retention - This means added stress on your cells and that's a big no-no. mtn uses 30 gauge cores to keep the mass low, while still offering the surface area you need to have a flavourful vape that prevents your cells from overworking themselves - much like Mo Farah going for a light jog. Easy peasy!


0.33 Ohms dual, with legs long enough for you to comfortably add wraps and raise the resistance up to 0.4 Ohms dual.  For use with series devices after resistance has been checked on a regulated device. Also suitable on regulated devices as you're pulling fewer amps from the cells - great performance with the added benefit of extended battery life. Immaculate at 60-150 watts.

  • Care and maintenance for sub-Ohm crafts

    Please note that these may have a lower pre-fire resistanace. Pulse and dry-burn at no more than 25-30 watts, and never glow hotter than the red-orange colour. Install flush with the posts, tighten the screws and pull out - this will ensure that the wraps are tight and uniform, and will prevent future deformation. Do not short. Do not pulse on a series device. If you're kind to them they'll keep going and going!

    Clean with hot, running water. Unscented soap can be used if washed off thoroughly afterwards. Use one of our retractable brass brushes to remove stubborn particulates of gunk without damaging the craft.

VAT Included