Easiest Ordering Ever

Easiest Ordering Ever

Too much to choose from? No problem!


With our extensive range of crafts, it can be hard to pick what it is you'd like to stock and what will sell. We've made many things easier, but this is up there amongst our prodigious brilliance. Simply select the value of your box and we'll compile our best-selling items - bish, bash, and bosh; It's as easy as Uber Eats. 


A Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin is now, suddenly, hoarding the full bandwidth of my attention. Be right back.


That was delicious and underwhelming simultaneously.


Simply tailor your box to what you'd like a little more of, and we'll take care of the rest. If the true total of your order doesn't quite meet the value stated, we'll add another set and go over. For example, If your £300 box actually costs £298.45, we'll include another set, ensuring that you'll never recieve less than you're paying for. 


Note that favouring one of the following options doesn't mean that that is the only type of craft you'll recive, it merely gives us an insight into your customers preference so we'll lightly bias your order to your selection made.


Approximate yeild per price (80-120% mark-up, quantity discounts automatically applied);

£100 - twenty sets

£200 - forty sets

£300 - sixty sets

£400 - eighty sets

£500 - one-hundred sets, 10% discount

£750 - one-hundred and fifty sets, 10% discount

£1000 - two-hundred sets, 20% discount

£2000 - four-hundred sets, 20% discount

£5000 - one-thousand sets, 20% discount

    PriceFrom £100.00
    VAT Included