Increase brand awareness, revenue and customer loyalty with a Collaberation label. 


Choose from any of the refined and flawlessly executed crafts that we offer, or have your own engineered from the ground up by our professional craftsmen, whether it's MTL, RDL, or Sub-Ohm. Our expert Team will go back-and-forth with you until you're happy with both the finalised product and the labels, and we'll even package them, following our strict cleaning process, so that they're ready to go straight on to your shelf when they reach your store.


Crank it up to eleven.


- Quantity will vary depending on the craft; obviously, Fused Claptons will yeild more sets than Octa-core Aliens, so we'll reach out to you after an order is placed to go over the specifics. The total you select will provide us an insight into what you're looking to spend; you'll always recieve your investment's worth with a high return. If you're wanting two or more different crafts, please select your intended investment for each and adjust your quantity accordingly. We may not be able to divide.

    PriceFrom £250.00
    VAT Included